Small (32mm) and Tall (38mm) Example

Single switch harness

32mm (small) Dual switch harness

38mm (tall) Dual switch harness

Relay example*

NOTE that the trigger wires are different colors

Do I need to use a relay with the switch?
YES, 99% of our returns are related to users not using a relay, resulting in the switch melting or failing over time.

Why does my switch always stay on?
– The switch should be wired to a switched 12v power source, like your fuse box. Find a fuse that’s only on when your vehicle is switched on. Some users tap into the cigarette lighter fuse.

Why do I keep blowing fuses?
– Are you using a relay? The switch is not designed to handle the load of light bar/fog lights/ditch lights, or other items that draw much amperage.

My switch worked for a couple of days, then stopped; why?
– More than likely, the switch was overloaded and failed. Typically this is due to not using a relay.